The longer your clothing lasts, the more money you’ll have in your pocket! There are many ways that you can avoid color loss, shrinkage, and stretching, here are some of our tips to preserving the quality of your wardrobe. 



This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend more on high-end clothing, you can purchase a Rs 1000 pair of jeans and a Rs 5000 pair of jeans and the only difference may be the brand name! Just pay close attention to fabrics, seams, zippers, and buttons, these details can all indicate how long the item will last. For example, thin fabrics like chiffon and silk are more vulnerable to rips and snags, and clothes from fast-fashion brands are made specifically to only last a short period of time and typically use lower end fabrics and materials. Invest in items that you know are well-made and can be worn more often. Shoes, coats, suits, and blouses are all great staple pieces that should absolutely be higher quality than say a tank top or a pair of shorts.



Every clothing item will have care instructions on the tag, they aren’t just labeled there for a good read! These instructions are crucial to maintain the quality of your clothing. Follow the instructions carefully, if a garment says “dry-clean only” that doesn’t mean hand wash in the sink and hang to dry at home (which everyone is guilty of doing at some point.) Dry-cleaners use solvents and specialized equipment like Wet Cleaning system that cannot be duplicated at home.Check the label before purchasing a garment, if you don’t think you can care for the item by following the recommended instructions it’s probably best to find something made from a different fabric.



How many times have you broken a zipper, lost a button, or ripped a seam and just threw out the item? It’s a common misconception that getting clothing altered is expensive, but usually small fixes are quite affordable! If you spend money on an item that you absolutely loved, why not spend a little extra to make it last even longer? And alterations don’t stop at just clothing, shoes and handbags can be repaired as well, sometimes these alterations can improve the quality more than when you bought it originally!



The way you store your clothes can help your garments look better, feel better, and smell better too. Here are just 3 easy ways that you can maintain the quality of your clothes:

FOLD HEAVY GARMENTS- Thick and heavy sweaters should always be folded and placed on a shelf to avoid stretching. Most wool sweaters get rips from hangers when they are hung, folding thick sweaters may seem like a no-no but it’s the best way to keep your heavier garments from loosing their shape.

INVEST IN PROPER HANGERS- Wooden and soft padded hangers not only help keep the shape of your garment, but they also prevent the clothes from slipping off and causing a mess at the bottom of your closet!

GIVE YOUR CLOTHES SPACE- If you find yourself pushing your clothes to one side of your closet with all your strength just to make room for one item, it might be time to look for another option for storing clothes. When clothing is packed tightly together it can result in snags, wrinkles, and even fabric fading.

REMOVE THE PACKAGING AFTER DRY CLEANING – It is very important that once you receive dry cleaned clothes from your cleaner ,you must always remove the packaging from the clothes. The Fabric needs to breath air and in a close /sealed environment it might permanently spoil your garment. In case you still want to keep them packed , use paper/news paper .



Your dry-cleaner will be your secret weapon when it comes to making your clothes last longer. However, you need to make sure you find a high-quality cleaner that you can trust. There are many cleaners out there that are still not using 100% eco-friendly products and methods. These chemicals can not only damage your clothing, but they can also be harmful to your skin, health, and the environment. TRYCLEAN uses 100% eco-friendly cleaning methods, and always do our part to save the planet by using less plastic and more paper bags too.

Apni Laundry has also invested in state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest quality clean, quicker turnaround times, and convenience. And we don’t stop at just dry-cleaning, we even do laundry! Find a cleaner that offers high-end services at a reasonable price so that you can really utilize their expertise and ensure that every item you have can be cared for properly. Finally if your Dry Cleaner has an mobile app thans things become much more convenient.