How to find best Dry Cleaners near you!


Before you settle on the shop that will be your dry cleaner of choice, you should start by asking these questions:


Pricing, Hours and Turnaround Time

Pricing and turnaround times should always be a part of your decision. A general rule with dry cleaning prices is to secure a pricing total before you send your clothes off to be cleaned. There is nothing worse than dropping a load of clothes off and getting a large unexpected bill at pick up time.

Additionally, a lot of dry cleaners have inconvenient store hours for those that work a 9-5 job. Depending on your job, you might not even be able to get off work early to pick up. Make sure to check a dry cleaner’s storefront hours to ensure that they’ll be open within your preferred or open time windows.

You will agree to the fact that it is not possible for you to put your clothes for dry cleaning at fixed hours because you might be busy sometimes. So it is always a better option to find the best dry cleaners near you, which will give you the flexibility so that you can give the clothes for dry cleaning anytime you want according to your convenience.


Observe Employee Professionalism

When you enter the dry-cleaner store, is the counter clerk helpful? A good counter clerk inspects the garments carefully and asks about stains and special care. Is there a fabric care professional on-site who can answer your questions and offer advice?


Does the Shop Offer Pick-Up and Delivery?

We currently live in an on-demand and delivery powered society. You can get anything from groceries to alcohol delivered to your door, so why not your dry cleaning and laundry? Some dry cleaners offer pickup and delivery to their customers, which can decrease your need to hassle with driving to and from their storefront.

Time is valuable and paying a bit extra for the service of pick-up and delivery may be worth it to make your life simpler. Ask about the service area and does it fit your work and home schedule.


What Kind of Dry Cleaning Solvent Does the Cleaner Use?

There are different kinds of cleaning solvents and techniques, some more environmentally safe than others. Some dry cleaners also recirculate their cleaning fluids, which means dirt from previous loads can be redeposited. Ask your cleaner if they use freshly purified or freshly distilled fluids with every run.


What Type of Equipment Is Used for Pressing?

Garment pressing can be done by hand or by a machine. Machine pressing is often done by simply blowing hot steam through a garment to remove large wrinkles. The force of the steam can be harsh and cause garments to lose their shape. Machine pressing does not create crisp edges and seams where desired. Hand pressing is best for delicate fabrics


Check The Reviews Online

Tricity is one of the fastest growing regions of professionals, and many people are moving to this area fast. That is the reason why a lot of local Gurgaon dry cleaners need for residential as well as commercial purposes. Therefore, you will be able to get online reviews on the cleaning company that you will find near you so that you have no loopholes for regret.

You have to understand that if you need to find the best of the dry cleaning company in tricity near you, then you will have to make sure that you are leaving your clothes to a reliable company.

The reliability will depend on the reputation of the company, and that can help we found out with the help of online reviews given by the former users of the company.

Nowadays, in the digital era, an online review is one of the finest ways to find out whether the company that you are looking at is absolutely authentic and gives premium Quality Services or not. Therefore, you need to judge the company first before trying out its services.


Find out if the dry cleaning service is environmentally responsible.

Dry cleaning is a chemically intensive process and regularly produces many hazardous and toxic byproducts. Ask the owner if they recycle hangers, offer reusable laundry bags, and use biodegradable plastic packaging.

Most importantly, find out if the business uses wet cleaning systems or if they use perchloroethylene (“perc”) in their dry cleaning. If the business uses perc, it is not doing its part to protect the environment.

  • Wet cleaning is a professional laundering method that does not use harmful chemicals that can pollute and cause damage to the environment.
  • To inquire about the possibility of getting your laundry wet cleaned at the dry cleaning service, simply ask, “Does your laundry service also offer wet cleaning?”
  • Pursuant to a 2006 environmental regulation, perc is being gradually phased out and scheduled for a full ban in 2020.