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About Us

We offer the best and premium online laundry service in Tricity and help you get rid of those extra pile of dirty clothes and deliver you fresh clothes. Apni Laundry redefines the way traditional Laundry services. We use biodegradable, health friendly, non toxic detergents instead of the toxic which has been linked to liver disease, kidney disease and reproductive disorders. Apni Laundry using Advanced Care System which is delicate on fabrics and gentle on environment.

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Premium Laundry
  • Wash & Fold
  • Steam Ironing
  • Pick and Drop
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Our Packages

Choose any package as per your family size. Or just call us +91 9153203232 to get a personalized package we are always open to creating a package as per your requirement. 


Pricing List

Full Price list
  • ₹20/- T-Shirt ( Wash and Iron )
  • ₹20/- Pant ( Wash and Iron )
  • ₹180/- Kurta-Pajama ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹30/- Turban ( Wash and Iron )
  • ₹180/- Jacket (Full Sleeves) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹90/- Sweater(Half Sleeves) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹250/- Men's Suit (2 Piece) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹350/- Men's Suit (3 Piece) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹180/- Blazer/Coat ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹180/- Ladies Dress ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹180/- Salwar+Kameez ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹220/- Salwar+Kameez+Dupatta ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹200/- Saree Zari ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹170/- Saree Silk/Cotton ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹70/- Blouse ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹70/- Shawl Plain ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹120/- Single Bed Blanket/Single Ply ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹250/- Double Bed Blanket/Single Ply ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹320/- Quilt (Double) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹220/- Quilt (Single) ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹160/- Curtain with lining ( Dry Cleaning )
  • ₹130/- Curtain without lining ( Dry Cleaning )
Drycleaning with best technology

Our Process

Pick your laundry

Apni Laundry Riders collect your laundry & drycleaning stuff from your doorstep at your scheduled time.

Pick up schedule




Before Processing any order Apni Laundry tagged the clothes with tagging pins . ... and this tag remains attached during the entire dry-cleaning or washing cycle.

Tagging clothes



Staining & Segrication

Each stain is individually treated at the spotting cabinet using an ultrasonic gun and specialised Apni Laundry Dry Clean products.

Stain Removal




All your premium wear garments will be washed using premium fabric specific detergents and garments will be individually treated for any stains and then be drycleaned in our imported machines using very safe SOLVENTS.

Laundry and Drycleaning process


Steam Iron

Steam Iron


Steam Ironing

We at Apni Laundry use an all steam process to remove the wrinkles in your garment.

Clothes Inspection



PDI Quality Check

Each piece goes through a final check to give you a perfectly finished garment.

Packing with nature freindly material




Each piece of drycleaned item is individually packed on hanger or folded, depending on your stated preferences. Apni Laundry take care of the nature so we use eco-freindly packaging material.

Delivery clothes




Apni Laundry deliver order as per your convenient timing at your doorstep with the perfect crease.


Why Us?

  • Affordable price

    Affordable Pricing

    Forget all the hassles and save yourself extra time and money. We are obsessed about creating a stress-free customer experience for you at rock bottom prices. Don’t miss the wallet feature. Tell your friends and save even more NOW, effortlessly!

  • eco-friendly laundry and drycleaning

    Eco Friendly

    Environment friendly with no toxic chemicals used in processes, as water is the solvent. Apni Laundry System: delicate on fabrics, gentle on the environment. Being a waterbased cleaning-tecnique, it operates with simplicity of solvent-based cleaning processes but in an eco-friendly way.

  • Online Payments

    Online Payments

    Ever faced the inconvenience of tendering exact change at cash counters? Not with Apni Laundry!! Your laundry bill will be sent to you once invoice is created and all you would need is a few seconds to pay online using our web dashboard or Android app.

  • afford

    Doorstep Service

    Forget the tiring walk to your laundromat or the dry cleaner. Order a pick up, sit back and just relax while our riders pick up your dirty laundry and deliver it back after processing. We accept pick ups on our website, Android app and customer support helpline.

  • Customer Support 24*7

    24x7 Customer Support

    We always have our ears open for you. We’ve come so far only with your assistance. Any complaints or grievances we are just a call away. Even if we happen to miss any of our calls, our support champs will get in touch with you right away.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are open for offers and cooperation!